Sick Leave Bank

The Harford County Education Association (HCEA) Sick Leave Bank (SLB) is a benefit available to all Harford County  teachers who choose to be members.  The SLB exists as a safety net for teachers who may encounter catastrophic and incapacitating illnesses and who have exhausted all of their allotted sick and personal business days. The Bank is administered jointly by HCEA and HCPS, and is contained in the negotiated agreement. The day to day operation of the bank is handled by HCEA employees.

To benefit from the SLB, Harford County teachers must choose to enroll.  Newly hired Harford County Teachers will receive an enrollment application during their hiring process and may enroll then. Existing Harford County Teacher who wish to become a SLB member may do so during open enrollment. Open enrollment is held once a year, typically in the month of May.

SLB Member Center